Economic services markets watchdog proposes structuring non-bank money support market

The national commission for financial support markets is drawing up a model for structuring the non-bank economic services markets depending on dividing fiscal institutions into segments: corporations accumulating money and companies lending money, solvent providers, troubled and basically dummy corporations, a commission member, Denys Yastreb, said at a roundtable devoted on the regulation of the economic sector in Kyiv on Thursday.

"We have proposed our vision of reform to lawmakers. It might simplify and include much more opportunities towards the marketplace, its recovery and improvement," he stated.

He mentioned that the regulator proposes quit using the one-tier procedure, legislate statuses of corporations, divide the marketplace into segments and apply concrete equipment to each and every section.

These are the remedial measures, recommendations ways to improve operations, stay clear of risky policies, penalties and fines for generally working firms. Yastreb said the measures do not influence the troubled businesses. They require situations that will relax their operations and aid to overcome crisis - transfer on the status with the typically operating company or even the status of liquidation. Measures that will take out companies from the marketplace are to apply to insolvent providers.

There is a huge segment of dummy firms about the marketplace. The equipment for operate with them are their elimination from your public register or liquidation.

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