Very first Planet Challenges: John Lewis customers forced to re-register after web page 'upgrade'

Clients of John Lewis Financial Services inside the Uk are nonetheless remaining forced to re-register for that support just after a "recent site upgrade" accidentally downgraded the services.

John Lewis Finance attempted to migrate its on the web platform a fortnight in the past, but continues to be experiencing "teething issues" leaving customers fearing they'd been scammed.

Communication concerning the new internet site was not primarily forthcoming when it was launched, and when it expected current prospects to register a brand new login many feared they have been becoming targeted by criminals.

So widespread have been worries concerning the markedly middle-class retailer's fiscal services that its get in touch with centres were subsequently flooded, leaving concerned customers with no any solutions to their concerns beyond that the service was experiencing "extremely substantial levels" of perform.

A single client informed The Register they'd obtained "no correspondence from them". They managed to depart a message within the web-site, "but they haven't answered".

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