Simply how much health insurance do you require?

With your 20s, a health and fitness cover of Rs 5 lakh is best for anyone who is living in a metro, Tier I or Tier II city.

With your 30s and 40s, the cover should be no less than Rs 7 lakh when you reside inside a metro or Tier I city. A cover of Rs 6 lakh should really suffice in Tier II cities.

Should you be within your 50s and dwell inside a metro or Tier I city, seek policies with Rs 9 lakh cover. In Tier II cities, a cover of Rs eight lakh should really be enough.

Indians above the age of 60 years should really have medical health insurance coverage of no less than Rs ten lakh.

An Apollo Munich Health insurance survey has observed that 51% of medical insurance policyholders in India are underinsured. The sum insured of this kind of policies would not suffice in a health care emergency

38% of people within the 18-35 many years age group are underinsured.

62% policyholders above 45 years of age are underinsured

75% Underinsurance amid folks from the age group 61-65 many years is the highest.

Supply: Apollo Munich Medical insurance. The research covered seven lakh policyholders in 82 cities.

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