Proposal to purchase then tear-down flood-prone FW residences causes friction

FORT WORTH -- For 25 years now, John Morris has called the Arlington Heights neighborhood of Fort Worth his residence.

"The history of this region, this made use of to become Camp Bowie," he said. "This is actually a very one of a kind neighborhood, and we really feel extremely strongly we want to keep the character with the neighborhood."

But he fears that character and old-time charm might soon be at threat.

Year just after year, devastating flash floods have wreaked havoc on houses within this location, near Interstate 30 and Hulen.

"I can live with flooded streets, but I can't reside with flooded homes," said City Council member Dennis Shingleton, who represents the location
So next month, Fort Worth City Council will vote on no matter whether they really should apply to get a FEMA grant that would allow them to get flood-prone homes from prepared home owners after which tear them down.

"We’re not taking anyone’s residence that does not wish to sell," Shingleton mentioned.

He says the concept of getting grassy regions rather than properties will enable the flood water to flow without risking harm to residences or people's safety.

"It's been described as taking teeth out of a mouth," mentioned Morris, who sits around the neighborhood association board
He says the board is against the idea of obtaining and demolishing homes and replacing them with small parks.

"They're not dealing with the actual issue, that is improving drainage," Morris said.

Council member Shingleton says at least eight property owners in the neighborhood have currently expressed interest in possibly promoting their residences for the city. He also says they’ve identified far more properties than that at threat of flooding.

1 such homeowner told News 8 he desires to sell his dwelling towards the city due to the fact no one else will get it or lease it for the reason that of flooding issues.

Shingleton mentioned the city has, and continues to appear at other options.

Morris worries this specific probable remedy will end up pitting neighbor against neighbor within the method.

City Council will hear a presentation around the topic at pre-council on Nov. eight, and can vote on whether or not to apply for the grant at the regular City Council meeting on Nov. 15

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