How to Contact Famous Celebrities

Want to contact your favorite movie star, singer or actress/actor to let him or her know how much you like his or her work? Or maybe you're trying to get into autograph collecting? Meeting or contacting a famous person can be difficult because of their busy schedules and their strong desires to have privacy. But with a little work and some light research, it is possible.

Method 1-Online

Find the celebrity on a social media network or on a legitimate website. Finding one of the following is an important first step in contacting celebrities. Make sure that the website is frequented by the actual celebrity, not their agent, publicist or an impersonator. The following fall in order of "most likely to contact" to "least likely to contact the celebrity."
  • Twitter: Look for "tweets" that are posted by the celebrity. These tweets should be directed back at people who "tweeted @" the celebrity, that have actual photos of the celebrity that are taken in real life (not a studio or "official" portfolio photos), or "tweets" that are written about daily experiences of the celebrity. These are all good signs that you can "tweet @" the celebrity to actually contact them.
  • Their "Official" Website: Celebrities almost always have "Official websites" that they promote. This means you have a chance of being able to contact them via this method. While it's not preferred, since usually these are "managed" by publicists or agents, this can be a way to contact them. Search the site for actual responses to fan mail. If you can't find them, move on.
  • Facebook: Most Facebook accounts are "managed" by someone other than the celebrity. Again, you are looking for posts or pictures that seems to be from the celebrity themselves. If only "professional" photos and posts exist, this isn't going to be the best way to contact them. Chances are this will be the case.

Write the celebrity a message. Whether the message is tweeting at them, a private message to their inbox, an email or a post, you will want to spend time to write something original and heart-felt or funny, which make you more likely to get noticed. Find a balance between being too lengthy and too short, both of which are likely to get overlooked.

Wait for a reply. Depending on the celebrity, they may be getting dozens to thousands of messages a day. This means they will need time to shift through and find yours. Maybe they won't find your's. Bummer.

Method 2-Through Mail

Find an address. Sometimes addresses for fan mail are available on the "Official Websites" of celebrities. If that is not the case, you can find this information by Googling "Fan Mail + [celebrity name]."

Write a letter. You will want to spend time to write something original and heart-felt or funny, which make you more likely to get noticed.
  • Include something to autograph. Enclose a photo of the celebrity or a cover of a magazine the celebrity was on for them to sign and send back.
  • Include a pre-paid return envelope with your address/information. Make sure that this envelope has enough stamps to return a letter plus anything you included for autographing.

Send the letter. Send it as soon as possible to get a response sooner.

Wait for a response. Depending on the celebrity, they may be getting dozens to thousands of messages a day. This means they will need time to shift through and find yours.

Method 3-Through an Agent, Manager, or Publicist

When contacting celebrities, it's usually best to get in touch with them through their agent or manager. Typically you will contact their agent if you want to book them for an appearance, concert, endorsement, movie, etc. The publicist deals with anything press related (magazines, blogs, interviews, etc). The manager is involved in all aspects. Its important to know which one to reach out to when trying to contact a celebrity.
Sometimes you can find the information for their manager, agent, or publicist through their Facebook page. If you can't find this info on their Facebook page, you can pay to sign-up for a celebrity contact info database like or to get access to their information.

Once you have the contact information for the celebrity manager, agent, or publicist, craft out a personalized e-mail with what it is that you are reaching out to them for.
For example, if you are a fan you may want to ask for the fan mail address for that celebrity. A concert promoter would reach out to the agent with the purpose of getting in touch with a celebrity for a concert.

Send out the email to the correct party.

Wait for a response. Sometimes you may not get a response because they aren't interested or they may have overlooked your e-mail. It's okay to follow up with a phone call if you have one, if not, you can send another e-mail. You shouldn't follow up anymore than once as they are very busy.

  • If you want to be unique when sending a letter in the mail, decorate it! Think about it, if you were them, which letter would you open first.. the plain white one or the one with stickers on it and cool decorations on it?
  • Be warned that online messages are not likely to get through to a celeb. Think how easy it is to write online, then think of how many people are probably doing it, and how much time someone would have to spend to answer everything.
  • Celebrities often change their agencies. The addresses you find on the Internet or in books, may be out-of-date in a few months.
  • Don't ask for more than one or two autographs at a time or send more than two photos. This will show the celebrity that you are a collector and not, perhaps, a real fan.
  • Look at the URL (address) of the page. If it's not JUST the celebrity, agency, or studio's name (not, for example) it's probably not actually their site.
  • Write "Forwarding Service Requested" under the destination or return address and the Post Office will hopefully forward your letter to the celebrity's current address.
  • If you meet the celebrity in person,don't be overbearing. They are human beings just like you. Even though they are famous the want to be treated like normal people.
  • Your letter will probably be seen by a lot of people, so don't say anything too personal or embarrassing. Personal details discourage agents from passing your letter on. Don't tell them you love them or you want to marry or have "fun" with them.
  • Don't give generic compliments. Mention things such as a specific movie the star appeared in, a specific character he or she played, your favorite song by the star, or a great play they made in a baseball game. You'll seem like a true fan.
  • Pay attention to where you are sending online letters. Many people post letters to celebrities on random websites. They don't confirm the site belongs to the celeb or their agent.

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