Ericsson Traffic and Market Report

Every thing is going mobile. This development is driven by movie,cloud-based services, the internet as well as machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity. This changes how people act and how they leverage flexibility to communicate and to increase their daily lives,through brand new and existing services. Customers now demand connectivity anyplace and anytime.

Important traveling forces include new inexpensive smartphones, and the many fresh connected devices on the market. The entire number of mobile subscribers globally (excluding M2M) will certainly reach around 9 billion dollars in 2017, of which five billion will be for special broadband. With an increased number of monthly subscriptions, evolved devices and day to day
connectivity to use them, all of us expect global mobile information traffic to grow 15 occasions by the end of 2017.

Internet access6147 is a prerequisite and will generate further build-out of cellular networks. By 2017, a stunning 85 percent of the planets population will be covered by WCDMA/HSPA networks

In today's competing markets, it is crucial to ensure greatest user experience and provide difference. A recent consumer study displays that network coverage and pace are the most important factors with regard to satisfaction with mobile solutions. We invite you to discuss our enthusiasm in the ideas this data offers.
Hopefully you find it engaging and also valuable.

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